Leaders and Boards who work with us on their own learning and development arrive at a realistic assessment of their own strengths and blind spots, clarity about their roles and responsibilities and have focused their attention on being savvy leaders.


  • A “whole system” perspective, looking at the context of the leader - the leadership team, the staff, the Board, the organization culture
  • Self-understanding through tools, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, StrengthsFinder®, and Leadership Practices Inventory®
  • Familiarity with common models of leadership, such as Kouzes and Posner, Authentic Leadership (Bill George), Adaptive Leadership (Heifetz), and/or Board roles and responsibilities, such as Compass Point and BoardSource
  • Reading and discussion of material on organization life cycles (Sharken Simon), the concept of transition (Bridges), balanced scorecard, ROI, and building capacity (Kinsey)
  • Coaching before, during and after real time situations
  • A growing vision of Who I Am, What I Stand For, and How I Operate as a leader or as a board

Together, we can navigate the change.

A Client Says...

Anne was initially called to our agency to provide coaching for me, the Executive Director. After assessing the needs of the organization, she quickly involved the Board. There were differing assumptions about the roles and responsibilities of the Board and operations role of the Executive Director. With Anne’s help we delineated roles -- leading to a Board that became more strategic in nature. In addition, she helped the agency transition from a life cycle shift from a family type of culture to an accountability culture necessary for future financial sustainability of the agency. Both of these outcomes involved my making difficult decisions as part of the change and learning not to personalize the process. An additional result of this was the establishment of a supportive, open leadership team.

Kathy Samilo, Executive Director
Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health and Wellness, Fridley, MN