Nonprofits and small businesses who work with us on strategy development arrive at a strategic focus, supported by three or four initiatives, and an implementation plan. This plan is driven by the leadership team and has the buy in and ownership of the Board, staff, and other key stakeholders. The focus itself is clearly based in the organization’s legacy, strengths, and mission while stretching to take advantage of environmental trends, the best thinking of practitioners, and in-depth knowledge of customers and the market

Recently we have been working with clients on “strategy all the time” rather than having a hard start and stop for Strategic Planning. The result has been integration of strategy in daily work and ultimately more “wins.”


  • On-going strategic learning during and after the strategy cycle, including cutting edge thinking on measurement and ROI, capacity building, strategic leadership, and “culture as Teflon”
  • Active involvement of strategy-savvy Board members
  • Broad-based stakeholder engagement, including sister organizations, relevant government agencies, community members, employees, and clients
  • Exploration of “what if” scenarios of the future
  • Alignment of strategy with leadership practices, operational processes, and organization culture

A Client Says...

“Our strategic planning conversation got off on the right foot with a carefully facilitated discussion which yielded the question that would guide our process – How do we maximize impact, while balancing immediacy, scale, and sustainability?

Throughout the process our work with Latitudes Group was authentic, based in our legacy, our strengths, and our mission - while being truly strategic, focusing on permanent solutions and the prevention of second generation homelessness by addressing mental health, chemical dependency, and support of children.

It was amazing how much we did – learning from and engaging community members, program participants, staff, Board, and funders and how natural the transition was as the leadership team assumed responsibility for implementation. The strategy we developed has become an integral part of our day to day operations, informing all of the processes of the agency.”

Steve Horsfield, Executive Director
Simpson Housing Services
Minneapolis, MN